Hello to you! I am Jamie Eskelson. I'm a mother and a wife. These two roles have brought me more happiness than I ever imagined possible.  I am constantly in awe of Motherhood and all the ups and downs that come with it. (Just for the record, I also didn't imagine I'd have  this much gray hair, and this many dark circles under my eyes at this point in my young life.) It's a 36 year old life. That's pretty young, isn't it?

I started the blog Jamie Cooks It Up! in October of 2009. It's a food blog with scores of fabulous family friendly recipes. I have very much loved writing this food blog and don't plan to stop anytime soon. I am seriously addicted to food and cooking and baking and eating and taking goodies to my friends and taking pictures of food and sharing heavenly recipes and........well. You get the idea. Love food. Love to blog about food. It keeps my rusty old mind rolling around the clock.

I started this blog Jamie Writes It Up! because....I want to write. And sometimes I want to write about something other than food! Who'd have believed it!  There is life out there beyond COOKIES, you know. And CAKE....and FABULOUS FRENCH BREAD.

Though there are few things as wonderful as Fabulous French Bread fresh out of the oven. Just saying.

Some of the wonderful things (more wonderful than Fabulous French Bread) I will be writing about on this blog are....

.....these fine people. This is my family. I've got some fairly hilarious brothers and sister to write about, and some dear friends. I could end up writing about the people I meet at the grocery store...and most likely about you.
Life, as I see it. 
The real stuff. The good, the bad and the ugly. 
That's what I want to write about.
And so, 
I think I will.