Sunday, February 13, 2011

When the Bugle Blows....

 The following is a little story about our Valentines Day Tradition, and how it all went down last year. Sure hoping it turns out better this year....

 Written Valentines Day 2010
We have a fun Valentines Day family tradition.
We've had this tradition for about 6 years now.
We all sit down to a nice meal. While we eat we go around the table and take turns telling each member of the family something we love about them. Seems like a good idea, doesn't it!

So, today being Valentines Day and all....we gave our tradition another go.
This is the first V-day our LittleTwinBoys have been old enough to participate. It's also the first year we have had a teenager to participate. That's an interesting combination, I can tell you.
In the past we have had a great, meaningful time.
This year was....choice. Very choice.

LittleTwinBoyNate started and told BlondeEmily about 20 things he loved about her. After that the poor boy was fresh out of ideas. He loved every other person because they watch Star Treck with him. (who let's a three year old watch Star Treck?)

Then someone passed gas.

All individuals, under the age of 35, COULD NOT regain their composer.

Children were hysterical with laughter...
falling off their chairs even....
holding their sides and rocking back and forth, back and forth while they tried unsuccessfully to control their rude horse laughing.

Then MyHandsomeHusband excused everyone from the table.

"Wait!!" gasped TeenSonMark "Isn't Mom going to tell us what she loves about us?"

"She'll tell you when she tucks you in tonight."

Then all 5 children headed down the stairs laughing, and joking, and talking about what how hilarious the dinner was.

We were feeling the love, I can tell you that. Really meaningful love being expressed so eloquently.

That's kids for you. You never know how things are going to end up! Dang that bathroom humor. It can really turn family time upside down.

Right Mom? Remember when I was a kid and I  never laughed about farts, or anything of that nature?


  1. Family moments just aren't the same without a "musical" interlude. I just pray my children behave in a halfway human fashion at other people's houses. They rarely do at mine! P.S. The person voted "Best Power Belcher At The Dinner Table" is my beautiful, dainty daughter!

  2. I love your tradition. So much so that I decided to try it with my family last night. Each person (we have 5 children ages 5-11) was to tell 3 things they loved about everyone else. It started out well enough but ended up exactly like yours did, with multiple offenses by multiple offenders all under the age of 12. By the time we got through everyone I was ready to climb into bed and not come out for a very long time. Breakfast this morning was much quieter!

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