Monday, March 21, 2011

Stack o' Dimes

Have I mentioned that MyHandsomeHusband is a pretty clever Dad? Well, he is. It's true. He's always coming up with fun (and funny!) ways to parent our five hooligans. The man has cleverness ooozing right out of him. You'll never guess what he can turn a few dimes into! Let me show you....

Take several stacks of dimes....

A deck of playing cards... 

Two girls who need to polish up on some multiplication facts.....

Turn over two cards and reward a dime to the person who can multiply the numbers fastest. 

And there you have it. Math practice meets Family Game Night. Who would have thought the two could go together so nicely!

Who won the game?

Not math facts have gone into retirement. 


  1. Great game idea! Think that will be our activity for FHE, though I'm wondering if my kids will be motivated with pennies instead???

  2. Too cute--He's definitely an educator! And I won't say anything to your kids about how you faired in 10th grade math. Hehehe. :)


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