Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moody and Mad

 This pretty little face belongs to my daughter, FashionAnna.

She is a girl with many moods. 
She is 11 years old....going on 12.
Need I say more? 
You remember being that age, don't you?
We all had about 79 mood swings a day, back then. 
Sure glad I'm down to only 20.

Some of her moods are exceedingly endearing.
You ought to see how the girl can handle littletwinboys, age 4.

Sometimes she gets kind of moody and mad.
The sweet thing can go from happy to grouchy faster than the speed of light.
I'm so glad I have learned to manage my grouchiness...
...it takes me at least 5 seconds to switch from happy to grouchy.

Sometimes she is down right hilarious.
Check this out....
On a very cold and foggy night a couple of  weeks ago, I was driving some of my children around our little neighborhood.  I had my TeenSonMark, FashionAnna and her dear friend Emily with me in the car. 

When we pulled up to Emily's house to drop her off I noticed one of our family's scooters laying in the driveway. 

"Oh, boy. Looks like one of the LittleTwinBoys rode our junky scooter down here and left it." I said. "Hey Mark, hop out of the car and ride that thing home, will ya?"

"Sheesh, Mom. I'm in my basketball shorts and it's freezing out there!" was his plea. 

"I'm sure you'll manage. You can ride that thing home in less than 10 seconds. Hop out and get the job done, please."

Silence from FashionAnna.

"Alright....but I think this is totally unfair. I didn't even ride it down here....!" he called as he begrudgingly hauled himself out of the van.

FashionAnna and I watched him ride off in to the fog. 

"Hey, Mom." she said. "Want to hear something funny?"

"Sure" I said. I like funny, you know.

"I was the one who rode that scooter down here and left it."

And then....

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....all the way home from the mother and her daughter.

After I had pulled up our driveway and gotten my horse laughing, eyes watering, chortle attack under control I said...

"Honey, that was a really funny joke."

"Thanks Mom. I didn't know if you would think it was funny. You know how you sometimes get kind of moody and mad about stuff like that."

Moody and mad?
Heavens no.
Haven't been moody and mad since I was 11 years old...
.....going on 12. 


  1. Holy Moses!!! That is hilarious! I can totally relate! I have one girl in a sea of boys. She is fifteen, and has turned moodiness into an art form. I have to constantly remind her brothers that it is NOT wise to poke a stick in the badger hole when the badger is in one of her MOODS! She can be the sweetest, funniest most helpful child one minute, and a drooling, screaming mess the next. I think the Lord sent her to my to teach me patience (or He just has a sense of humor).

  2. I LOVE your cooking blog and check it religiously... Think I might need to start following this one too! Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Hilarious! Sooo funny! I;m so glad you decided to write about all this stuff. It makes me feel like I'm not so bad after all! :)Keep them coming! ;)

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