Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Lesson

A couple of weeks ago, on a cold Sunday morning I sat pondering in my room.
Door closed.
Church manuals spread out on my lap. 
Preparing for my Relief Society lesson coming up later that afternoon.

What was my lesson on?
Teaching your children about intimacy, of course. You know. One of the standards. Easy.
No brain-er....

The Church I belong to has put out a really great manual for parents on this very subject.
A Parents Guide, is what it is called.  I was reading through it getting all kinds of info, storing up content, pondering on what I might pass on to the great ladies in my ward. 

Then I got a headache. 
Then I had a lot of stomach trouble, the details of that I won't bore you with. 

These things are not really ever discussed at church! (Intimate things...not stomach trouble! Ok stomach trouble  isn't discussed at my church either.)

I was worried my lesson might be awkward, uncomfortable...what if I say something really dumb, was my worry. 

I'm kind of dumb sometimes....

....I just can't help it.

I needed a good opener. Something to put us all at ease.
MyHandsomeHusband reminded me of a  Cute Little Story. 

Cute Little Stories work well at the beginning of lessons. Especially this one!

Here you have it...

One day a very lovely Primary worker was giving a lesson to some young  boys and girls at church.
"Children..." she said in a very sweet voice.
"We are going to talk about a very special thing today. I will give you a couple of clues and let's see if you can guess what it is!"

Hooray, thought the children. We like clues.

"Only the boys have it....."
"It starts with the letter P....."

A little boy sitting on the front row threw his hand up into the air and shouted, very loudly.

"I know! I know! It's a _____________!!!!!!!!!!!"

He didn't say Priesthood, like the primary worker thought he would. 
He said the word you are all thinking.
The word that starts with a P....
and only the boys have it....
and it lives behind a zipper...
and you never discuss it at church....
and I don't even dare write it here, lest I be blamed for adding inappropriate adult content to this family friendly blog.......

Lucky for me, the sisters in my ward got a good chuckle out of the Cute Little Story.
I promised them not to use the P word in my lesson. The way I see it, they must be familiar with the P word. 
Mostly familiar.
I think.
Maybe not?
This post is getting awkward.

Suffice it to say, the Cute Little Story helped break the ice. The lesson turned into a great discussion on communication, and helping kids understand a sensitive, but important topic. 

And all was well.

Until the next lesson.....heaven help me.


  1. Love your story! Love your writing! Thanks for opening this blog up to all of us. I look forward to reading it.

  2. Hilarious!!!! Having caught the live show in Primary I can relate to that story! Being Primary Pres. has left me with a fodder of hilarious little antidotes from out of the mouths of babes! Your new blog is fabulous. I just love, love, LOVE your witty thoughts and stories(they make me giggle all day long)! Now I can get my fix even more often. :D

  3. Love the new blog! What a great way to keep track of all the cute, wonderful things that happen to you and your family.

  4. Jamie, I wanted to tell you I thought you did a fabulous job with that lesson. So needed. You are just great.

  5. Jamie, jamie, jamie. my husband surprised me and took me out of town for the weekend of your lesson, and i missed it! i was looking forward to it, b/c i knew you would do a great job with such a delicate subject! this P story os GREAT! so funny, perfect ice breaker. :) look at your fabulous blog! both of them! how do you do it? how, how, how? love what you do. xoxo.


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