Monday, February 28, 2011

Nerds at the Ball Game

My TeenSonMark and basketball are in love with each other. The handsome kid just can't get enough of the game. Most of his free time is spent shooting hoops. He loves it.

I can tell you something he doesn't love...Playing the piano, that's what. I tried. I honestly tried really really hard. We're kind of a piano playing kind of family. I was really hoping he would jump on the music nerd bandwagon with the rest of us. At this point in is not meant to be. (I'm still holding on to the hope that the 9th grade guitar class just might change his mind. He's got an interest there. Cross your fingers for us!)

What do I do....about all this basketball playing?

I cheer. Really loud when I go to his games. Hopefully I am cheering at the right time. (I'm just a music nerd, you know.)

I drive him around town, pretty much every afternoon so he can practice and shoot hoops and "make some wicked awesome shots, Mom. Seriously, I was on fire!"

I listen to him chatter on about plays and strategy and three pointers and swishing this ball and that ball.

My heart grows up big and large when he makes a great shot at a game and everyone cheers for him. 

 And in those moments do you know what I am most grateful for?
That he has an opportunity to build confidence in himself. That's really what it's about, isn't it? Being confident in one's self....pretty much the most important thing a parent can foster in a child. No matter the venue, ball court or piano recital....confidence is really a priceless gift.

At Marks game last week I looked down for just a split second to see this.......


Wonder what kind of nerd LittleTwinBoyAaron will grow up to be?
Where was this poor kids mom when he was putting his shoes on
.....that's what I'd like to know.... 


  1. Don't worry, Jamie. The teenage girls do the same thing with their socks, ON PURPOSE.

  2. Wow! Mark has grown up so much and is SO handsome. I'm sure you've got your hands full with all the jr. high girls flocking around him.

    If it makes you feel any better, Jackson also hates piano and yet I still make him practice his hymns, just in case he needs to be able to play on his mission. He told me there is no way he will play it again when he's grown up except for that. And that unless his wife pushes the piano thing on his kids, he will NEVER make them take piano. I told him to ask his dad how that works out...


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