Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweaty and Stinky

Do you like to work out? You know. The kind of working out where you get all sweaty and stinky and sore the next day and....skinny. 

Me too! (Still waiting for the skinny to happen. Food blogging is doing a real number on this old girls hips.)

And if the truth were to be told...I'm actually not so crazy about the sweaty and stinky and sore the next day. (If you like stinky....that's nice. Just keep it to yourself, I think you might be the only one.)

However....You know what I love?

Showing up at my local church with a bunch of other moms in old sweats and pony tails.

I love that some very talented ladies are willing to volunteer their time to lead us all in a bout of aerobics and weight lifting.

I love getting my groove on to Smooth Criminal. 

I love dancing (and I use that term very loosely...this body tain't got much coordination) it up to All That Jazz. In my previous life I was a show my heart I just know it. I think I was really coordinated (and skinny) then.

I love pumping a little iron with other church goin' gals while we talk about life and dishes and laundry and the elementary school and husbands and our graceful dance skills.

I love watching my LittleTwinBoys run around the gym reenacting star wars scenes and killing bad guys with their light sabers.

I love seeing myself improve and get stronger. 

No matter how tired or worn out or stressed or grumpy I am when I show up....I ALWAYS feel better when I leave.

Life gets clearer.

Big long TO-DO lists seem manageable.

And my hips stand a fighting chance for a little bit of shrinkage. That's a miracle in it's own right!

It's kind of funny what sweaty and stinky can do for a person.

Sweaty and Stinky combined with a good visit with some pretty fabulous ladies......that's a recipe for happiness.....any day of the week. 


  1. I don't think you ever stink! I look forward to every groove with you. You are the best!

  2. I do love working up a sweat with my buddies (Yes, cooking blogs have been my downfall, as well!). It's amazing how exercise doesn't feel like a chore when you are gettin' your groove on with your friends. Friends that don't judge your jiggly wigglies, your uncool workout attire, or your lack of coordination.

  3. Ah, my sweet sweat partner! :) I love having you gals there too, you and Julie are my bundles of energy in the back :) Seriously, where else can we dance like fools and have the time of our lives AND get a workout?


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