Monday, February 21, 2011

Ring Ring...Chuckle Chuckle!

Happy Monday Morning to you all on this very average, gray looking, stormy, middle of February, spring-can't-come-too-soon day. Need a little Monday chuckle? Here you have it.

Ring Ring said the phone.

"Can I answer it, Mom?" from BlondeEmily.

"Be my guest." I say.

"Hello?" my pretty blonde girl says into the phone.


"I'm not sure. Let me check."

Then she goes into the bathroom and closes the door.



The bathroom door opens and Emily proclaims.....

"That was the dumbest phone call I've ever answered! They wanted to know if our toilets were lame is that."

Chuckle-Chuckle from the Mom and the Dad.

"What did you tell them?" we ask.

"I told them, sure enough they were running fine! Then they told me I'd better go and catch them. Humph. So stupid, wasn't it mom?"

Chuckle-Chuckle Chortle-Chortle from the Mom and Dad. 

Ring Ring said the phone. 

"Hello..." said MyDearMother.

"Well, hello there Ma'am. I'm happy to be calling today to offer you a free case of Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup! All you have to do is sing the Campbell's Soup Jingle to us over the phone and the case of soup is yours!" 

"Sounds great!" said MyDearMother.

"Campbell's Soup is M-M Good. M-M Good. M-M Good...." she sang in her beautiful lilting voice. 

Silence on the other end....


Chuckle-Chuckle, Chortle-Chortle from the Campbell's Soup Impersonators.


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  1. Oh my, I used to play those games growing up with the old dial phones. Haha you make me laugh.....oh the memories. Your blog is truly the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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